Natural Colors of Sri Lanka

“SRI LANKA” conveys the inspiring adventure that I had during a recent trip to Sri Lanka. My week-long trip allowed me to see the eclectic scenery of this breathtaking island and to visit Polonnaruwa, Kandy and Galle along the way.


Starting at the top of the country and going down, I observed the wildlife in their natural environment, visited turtle sanctuaries and saw more than 200 elephants in the Minneriya National Park.

The locals showed me another side of life in Sri Lanka, took me on a trip and taught me about their food and culture so that I could try many local cuisines. The fish curry was a particular favorite, accompanied by okra, rice, jackfruit and coconut Sambol.

The next stage of my journey began with an early morning climb on the Pidurangala rock which gave me a gloomy sunrise on the imposing Kühner-Sigiriya rock – a rock that I will not forget.

After spending a few nights in a treehouse hotel, I moved to discover the colorful bustle of Kandy. Highlights included the Dambulla Buddha Caves, filled with Buddha statues and beautiful cave paintings, while an unforgettable traditional dance ended with fire eaters and fire races at the Kandy Lake Club.

Before continuing my journey from Kandy to Ella, I made a quick stop at a lush tea plantation, where I discovered the hard work involved in the tea making process. During this time, I saw the leaves picked, sorted and dried before being packed and I even got to try different teas.

That’s when I took a train trip from Kandy to Ella, which promised an eye-opening trip through Sri Lanka. Believe me, this did not disappoint us. Through the hills and mountains, the view was like something I had never experienced before.

Once in the small mountain village of Ella, a paradise for backpackers and tourists, I really wanted to explore the area. A sunset hike to Adams Peak also gave me the opportunity to see Ravana Falls, a graceful waterfall that I got close to the next day en route to Galle and Koggala.

Here I saw the local fishermen outside in the ocean while the surfers rode the high waves. The fresh coconut huts and the peaceful beaches have really made this part of the island a sanctuary to relax.

During my trip to Sri Lanka, I also had the chance to attend a full moon festival (aka Poya). This holiday celebrated the full moon with a Buddhist tranquility, during which people dress all in white and light beautiful lanterns.

This visit to Sri Lanka was one of the best things I have ever done and I am very happy to be able to dive into its beauty and see so many sides of this cultural polygon. I was greeted daily with beautiful landscapes and pleasant surprises, from fascinating wildlife to lovely people, I will never forget my adventure in Sri Lanka.

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