Slot Canyon Trail Connects Wire Pass to Buckskin Gulch

The day hike from Wire Pass to Buckskin Gulch is one of the great hiking trails in Utah, and the main highlight is the beautiful Wire Pass Slot Canyon with its beautiful colorful rock walls.

Buckskin Gulch is known for being one of the longest slot canyons in the United States, but the Wirepass Trail is a shorter and more direct path to access it without having to walk as much under the scorching sun.

Overall, this is an easy day hike for families, where you can see two spectacular slot canyons, as well as Native American petroglyphs and other photogenic sites along the way.

* Hike to Wirepass Canyon

The first hike to Wire Pass Slot Canyon is surprisingly easy, and that’s one of the reasons we loved this hike. You can basically skip to the best part!

From the trailhead, all you have to do is cross the road and descend into Coyote Wash, then follow this wide shallow sandy wash in a northeasterly direction until you reach the entrance to the slot.

On the road, you can just stay in the wash. Don’t worry about side paths that you might see coming out of the laundry.

This first part of the wire passage path is fully exposed to the sun, so you should use a hat/sunscreen to protect yourself.

* Grooved Grommet

The wire Pass Slot Canyon is narrow from the start and the colors are grandiose. I think this is one of the most visually appealing slot Canyons we’ve ever seen.

The bottom of the slot is largely shallow sand and is easy to navigate, with some very small obstacles along the way.

There is a wooden ladder to get down, and I wouldn’t even call it an obstacle for most people, although we did see an older hiker fall on it (fortunately, he was fine).

Remember to respect three points of contact and the scale is not a problem at all. Turn back and take conscious steps.

The Wirepass trail is very family-friendly and the slot machine is still quite quiet on weekdays. We didn’t see many other people.

We haven’t seen any snakes in this slot either, and I haven’t heard of any snake sightings here, but I’d still keep an eye out just in matter.

The slots section only takes about 1/3 of a mile and can be completed in about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the pace.

It’s a very nice slot machine and we took hundreds of photos in such a short time!

Hotels near Buckskin Gulch Slot Canyon

When you reach the end of the Wirepass trail, you are thrown into a vast canyon with steep orange walls.

This is the junction with Buckskin Gulch Utah, the longest slot canyon in the United States, and it is also believed to be the longest slot Canyon in the world-21 miles one way!

From here you can either head back to the Wire Pass trailhead or continue the hike exploring Buckskin Gulch up or down as far as you like.

Most people turn around at this point, but the great thing about the Buckskin Gulch hike is the loneliness and the lack of people. The further you go, the quieter it becomes.

I would recommend spending at least a little time exploring this new Canyon before returning.

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